Create a document template?

How could I create a template (with e.g. special formattings) I can use for documents / folders (not projects) like one can do with Word? So instead of creating a new default document / folder shown in the editor when pressing STRG+N I want to open such a template being opened in the editor.

Yes, Scrivener supports a form of document template (I wouldn’t compare it to anything near so complicated as a Word DOT file, but the principle is similar). You’ll find complete documentation in §7.5, Document Templates, starting on pg. 68.

In very basic terms:

  1. Create a new folder in the binder (anywhere is fine).
  2. Select it and use the Project/Set Selection as Templates Folder menu command.
  3. Drag a prototype document into this folder.
  4. Check the Project/New From Template/ sub-menu (not the first template will get a dedicated shortcut).

Note that based upon how Scrivener cleans up empty files or never creates files where it doesn’t need to, if you wish to establish default formatting you’ll need a little sample text in the prototype file.

Many thanks.

After having done step 4 suddenly Scrivener did not work again any more (“No response” all the time), I cannot access the template folder to delete it, may that is the cause. Is there another way to remove that folder?

Sorry, Scrivener cleans empty files or never creates files where…? What does that mean? The formatting - a listing, enumeration - is gone when I open the document copied to the template folder, may be there is a connection with a sample text? But, a sample text where no text should be?

Many thanks again

If it is related to that feature it’s not a universal problem, I had no difficulty following those steps over here. Maybe something to do with one of the files placed in the folder? At any rate to disable the feature you select the template folder in the binder and use the Project/Clear Templates Folder menu command.

I haven’t tried just a list, all by itself with no text typed into at least one line might qualify as “empty formatting”.

By cleaning I mean on the disk—if you leave an empty file in the binder the software automatically removes any RTF files that may have been used to store the data you typed into that file in the binder. Formatting all by itself doesn’t count as content.

Suddenly Scrivener works again without removing the template folder, any idea why, sometimes it runs well, sometimes there is no response.

Hmmm, somehow sounds like a strange behavior for a template. Well, alright, so I will just add some text.

OK, so one does not notice such a removing at all, I guess.

Many thanks

It’s not so much the intended behaviour for a template, it’s just that a file with nothing but say “bold” formatting inside and no text is not worth keeping 99.99999% of the time. It would just be disk clutter to keep files like that, so they get cleaned up behind the scenes.

Thus, if you want special formatting in a template, you just need a little text to “hold” the formatting. Hope that makes more sense.

Hmmm, well, well, yes, yes, of course, thank you, I do not have any idea of programming and such…so just one activity more to delete the text (a single character appears to be enough) after creating a new item from a template…obviously just exclude the template folder / its content from being cleaned is not possible. I understand.

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Search internet and/or Google+ for “Scrivener Templates” and you can see some in action.

Good Luck

Many thanks for that advice. At the moment I am still wondering what a template could help in this case.

Thanks again