Create a linked index in Scrivener

Hi all!

How can I create a linked index to chapters and paragraphs?

I want to put it in beginning part of document.

Thank’s a lot!


Do you mean that you want to include a list of headings as Scrivener links, along with their page numbers, as in a Table of Contents? If so, please bear in mind that this method produces a static list, which you will need to update/replace if you change your contents, so it should be done at the end of the writing process, or else you will have to repeat it later.

To generate a Table of Contents in Scrivener, for example for Print/PDF output (ePub requires a slightly different approach):

  • Select the Draft folder in your binder, then switch to Outliner mode.
  • Use Cmd-A to select all the contents, then press LeftArrow to collapse them all.
  • Now use Cmd-A followed by RightArrow to expand the contents to the first hierarchical level. This will display just your highest level of headings.
  • Repeat this Cmd-A then RightArrow procedure until you have displayed the level of detail that you wish to include in your table of contents. Each time you repeat this, you add the next heading level to the list.
  • When you are happy that everything displayed is to be included in your ToC, and that lower levels are not displayed, use Cmd-A to select everything again, then select the menu option Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC.
  • Create a new text document at the top of your draft in the binder, then paste the ToC data into it. The ToC will appear as indented entries corresponding to your binder hierarchy, each with a <$p> placeholder tag.
  • Compile your document to print, PDF etc.
  • The placeholder tags will be updated with page numbers during the compile process. Note that you will not see any page numbers in your Scrivener project itself, but only in the compiled output.

This is covered in chapter 22 of the user manual, and Scrivener links are covered in section 9.5. If you are compiling output to be post-processed in a word processor, you may prefer to generate your table of contents from the word processor itself rather than in Scrivener.

I hope this helps.

it works :slight_smile:

thank’s a lot!