Create Academic Journal

I need to create an academic journal for publishing in ePub and PDF. I will have about 5 articles (in MS Word) every quarter, including citations. I have Scrivener in both Windows and Mac, whichever is most efficient (although I should think this would be platform agnostic). Ideally I would like to go between them (PC at office and Mac at home).

Is Scrivener effective for this? If so, how should I go about it?

Thanks for the assistance.


In general principle this should work fine. You are basically talking about a document composed of several major sub-divisions, one for each article. That in essence is little different than the mechanisms behind a book with chapters (how you format that structure is flexible, as is the structure itself).

Whether to actually use Scrivener for the production will be up to how particular you are about the formatting and overall layout. For example, if you need two-column layout in a periodic sense, where there might be a heading, then an abstract, and two-column layout resumes until the next article, can’t be done in Scrivener. We can do column layouts, but the feature is set up to assume you’re just writing the paper itself, not a series of them. So that’s one thing would make the idea a bit of non-starter. You could still certainly use the software, but you’d need to do post-production in a layout oriented program to get the final formatting. ePub will be more promising, owing to the simplified nature of what is even possible with the format (no columns, to use the same example).

I would recommend testing it out a bit with some dummy text. Go through all of the compile options and make sure you can get a PDF result you like. Maybe start with one of our templates (general non-fiction might be a good start) and work backward from those settings to see how we approach some of these problems.

Mac/Windows is fine, though I would recommend the former for your compiling. It will get you much closer to the finish line, if not right to it.


Thanks for that answer.

I’ve had Scrivener for some time but have not had occasion to use it much. Now I get tossed in the deep end with this project and have to go through a quick learning process on how to create an eJournal (PDF and ePub, if I can).

Will post how it came out.