Create aliases within Scrivener?

I use aliases A LOT in my non-Scrivener file management writing world. That way I can cross-index files — store a file in one folder, and an alias of the file in another folder. When I make changes to the file, it makes changes to the file in both folders.

Is there a way to make aliases within Scrivener?

I don’t just want links or shortcuts — I want to be able to store a file in multiple folders, and when I edit the file, it makes changes to the file in all those different folders. Thank you!

And in a dream world — can I do this for blocks of text? (which I can’t do in my non-Scrivener world) I have lots of files with sections of my work. Might I pull paragraphs from these files — put them into a new file — and when I edit the text in that new file, it edits the text in the files it was pulled from? Thank you double!

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Here is a link to a post describing similar capabilities in Scrivener. We unfortunately do not have exactly what you want, which requires something that has a much greater awareness of line level elements than Scrivener has.

But while it is missing a few of the “luxuries” of your idea, like seeing and editing this text inline, it has all of the same functional qualities when compiling .And when using the hyperlinked variant of the <$include> placeholder, depending on how you set up links to work in the Behaviors: Document Links settings tab, they can still be quite conveniently referenced and edited. Copyholders, for example, are fairly unobtrusive as a “window in a window” type view.

For straight building of lists of items though, the Collections feature, referred to in that post, is the closest things to actual clones.