create an internal hyperlink within a graphic?

Is it possible to have a graphic with a hyperlink embedded into it that links internally within the Scrivener file to another graphic, file or video so that when the file is compiled and exported to say, epub, the ereader will allow that function to happen? I assume that if this is possible, it is also possible to create a link within a graphic that links to an outside source such as a web page. Thank you.

You can add a hyperlink to any range of material, including graphics, in a text file. You would just select the graphic and then hit Cmd-L to add a link to it. To add a hyperlink to the Web you’d want to use the Edit/Add Link... menu command instead, but that isn’t going to be very e-book friendly. Links to sections within the e-book itself are widely supported, however.

OK, I have the graphic within the editor. The cursor is blinking either on the left side of the graphic or the right, depending on where I position the cursor. it does not appear that I can select the graphic this way. I followed your instructions using the graphic I placed in text file within a project to create an internal hyperlink to another document within the project and that worked. But what I created was a textual hyperlink that appeared to the left of the graphic and at the bottom rather than making the graphic itself holding the hyperlink. What am I doing wrong do you think?

You know what, you’re right. I mentioned that without testing it because I knew you could attach an inspector comment to a picture, and the two are very much the same (technically speaking) in Scrivener. But even if you do select the graphic and add a link to it, the system adds the link target title as text beside the picture rather than link the picture. I’ve put this to Keith to see if it is possible to fix. In the meanwhile, you might consider hyperlinking the caption instead. This will probably prove to be a better practice anyway, as it can sometimes be difficult to find a link if it is around the picture alone.

Right, it would be great to have the hyperlink embed in the graphic itself and that would link to an external web page. And if that link would remain true regardless of what format the file was exported to, even better. Thanks.

I’m not sure what you mean by embedding it into the graphic itself. That isn’t technologically possible with the standard raster formats like PNG, JPEG and so on. All forms of hyperlinking an image involve drawing an invisible overlay on top of the graphic that captures the mouse click, and that is a function of the syntax around the image that instructs the display model in compatible viewers (like a web browser).

But, like I say, I’ve never seen an e-reader handle linked images elegantly, and I bet you most readers wouldn’t think to select or tap on a graphic to link somewhere. Most e-readers use that mechanism to open the graphic in a larger viewer that lets the reader zoom in and pan the image. Most people will recognise if the caption is linked, so I think you can avoid this whole limitation entirely.