Create children in the binder

In the binder, Enter creates a sibling topic. Is there any way to create a child for a topic?
Enthusiastic newbie :smiley:

If I understand you you want a child / children added to a “text” file? If so you can just “enter” to create a sibling. Then drag that over the “text” file you want to turn into a parent. It then becomes a child.

When you select a child it behaves as you expect, i.e. Enter creates furthe child siblings…

Thank you, that makes sense.

Actually the other way (using keyboard shortcuts) is to do as before and create a sibling and then just use CTRL+right arrow to make it a child - or left arrow to to “promote” it.


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OK, this thread has been fun to read, but I’m going to back to the mundane and offer one more suggestion for easily accomplishing this with a single keystroke. You can do it with Autohotkey. I posted a script awhile ago to do this here:

What this script does is pop up an entry form where you type the name of the new document, then hit Enter and it creates the new file beneath the current one and indents it. I’ve set it in the script to use Control + ; but you could set it to any key combination you want.

If anyone wants to use this script without installing Autohotkey, I’d be glad to compile the script and send it to you, or could post it in the forum if that’s possible. It’d just be a small executable that creates the script without autohotkey running.