Create Connected Notes

I’m using Scapple 1.0 on Windows 7 Professional

I create a note add text and then Alt-Left Arrow to create a note to the left and edit the new note. When I return to the original note and repeat Alt-Left Arrow it overwrites the original note to the left and my initial entries disappear. This happens whether I try to create the second connected note immediately and when I’ve worked on other notes in the Scapple in the interim.

If I do Alt-Left Arrow twice without editing it creates the two connected notes as I’d expect.

The other Alt-Arrow (Up, Down and Right) operate as I’d expect and the Alt-Left Arrow issue is the same regardless of which Alt key I use on the keyboard.



Ahh . . . . . :blush:

Scapple is creating the notes but stacking them one on top of the other in the same position on the page rather than showing them as separate notes.