Create Custom Template Categories

As scrivener gets more popular and I spend more time surfing, I pick up project templates from various sources.

I use scrivener for Technical Writing, Role Playing Game Writing (Player and Game Master), School Work, and Creative Writing.

I find category choices limiting.

I have taken to creating starter projects to work around the limits of “Blank, Fiction, Non Fiction, Scriptwriting and Miscellaneous”. It would be more elegant if I could create a few more categories eg. Technical Writing, Blogging, RPG Writing, RPG Playing.


You can put projects in the Project Templates folder in LibraryApplication Support/Scrivener/Project Templates that will show up in the Chooser. Perhaps that helps?

Glad to hear of a workaround on the Mac.

Anyone have something similar on Windows?

To be clear that is merely where custom templates are stored on a Mac. They are stored in a different place on Windows (check in “C:\Users\YourAccount\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener”), but the principle is the same: put the template files into that folder and they should show up when you use the chooser the next time. In neither case does this circumvent there being a fixed number of categories to choose from; instead it only bypasses the need to use the buttons to install/export templates.

Thank you. I’ll look at that.

I like this idea, and have added the ability to create custom template categories to the next major (paid) update of Scrivener. (More news on that in the not-too-distant future, I hope.)

Thanks and all the best,