Create Document Structure from External List

I have an initial outline of a document (with 4 levels of section titles) in an Excel file. Is there anyway to use this Excel to create the structure of an Scriverner document, in some automated way? I hate having to create the folder structure using copy/paste.

Have windows but might be able to import as CVS file?

I can convert the Excel into CSV, no problem. But how/where can I create the document structure by importing the CSV?

Could you use a macOS Shortcut to do it? Or some other Automator/Script?

I think I can convert the excel rows into a markdown headings using Excel formulas, and then Import and Split.

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This is exactly what I would do. I don’t know how Excel does for stylesheets, but the secondary approach would be to output an RTF or DOCX file with heading 1, heading 2 styles, and then use the same import and split command. But I think generating a quantity of hash marks with a formula will be a lot more efficient.