Create layers to annotate graphics?

I was hoping to use Scapple to annotate maps with simple object labels, but…
I can drag a map JPG file into the Scapple window, resize the map, but…
The Scapple notes will not appear on top of the map.
There’s no way (that I can find) to arrange objects forward/backward in layers.
If we could, then annotation of graphics would be a popular use of Scapple.
Of course, I can do this in Pages or Google Drawings, but they don’t have
Scapple’s great features, like auto-drawing of lines between notes.

I can get this to work fine for me, but you may need to change your conceptual thinking a bit. It seems when I drag in an image that Scapple automatically treats it as another “note”. So, if I drag a text note inside the image note then an automatic connection line is drawn. I think that’s your experience also.

My “trick” was to use the “M” key for movement mode. I select the text note and via keyboard arrows move it on top of the image note. All works fine. (And, at that point, I can select which one is top/bottom layer.)

I agree it would be nice if we could just drag a text note on top of an image note, but the movement mode approach works well enough for me.

From a software POV I don’t think Scapple makes an distinction between how it handles text vs image notes. And that’s probably for the best as I can easily imagine wanting to drag text notes on top of an image to get the auto-link-connectors.

Thanks for that tip…it works, but is not ideal.
I had trouble getting into Movement Mode.
Selecting the note and typing Cmd-M only moves the file to the Dock.
In M Mode, the moving is very slow, just a pixel at each keystroke.
I was hoping to just drag a note onto an image, and draw lines as needed.
Maybe this will be in some future version?

I realize the tip is not ideal, but you also got into the “tip” in a cumbersome way.

Here’s the quicker approach:

  1. press the M key (not command-M)
  2. click on whatever you want to move
  3. use arrow keys to move (no need to lift finger from arrow key until at “destination” spot)
  4. click on another object you want to move
  5. use arrow keys to move
  6. press the M key again (not command-M) to exit movement mode

This sequence is still not ideal, but is much quicker than what you described in words. A preference (or some other setting) that would allow us to move 10px at a time (e.g.) would make things go faster.

“…(or some other setting)…”

Like holding down Shift while operating the arrow keys? :wink:

And of course you don’t need to hit the arrow key repeatedly – just hold it down and it will auto-repeat.



Yep, like holding down the Shift key! Perfecto.