Create named file from selected text--possible?

Yesterday I wrote myself a long freeform note about the book I’m writing, what it’s about, etc.
I brainstormed a number of scenes that should be included that I haven’t written yet.
Is there any baked-in way for me to select sections of text within the note (Jim goes to the dentist) and create an empty file with that name?
Thanks for suggestions.

Edit -> Append Selection to Document.


Thanks, I saw that but didn’t notice the “New” option at the very top.

You can also drag and drop text from within your editor into the binder, to create a new item from that text. By default this will also remove the text from the editor, so if you would prefer to copy, switch Delete text dragged to other areas off, in the Behaviors: Dragging & Dropping preference pane—or just use Undo to restore the text if that is something you’d only want now and then.