Create new-window to include "recent files" more visibly (instead of a dropdown)

Regarding the modal window that opens in the beginning of Scrivener - I notice that most of the one-click-behavior is about creating a new document. However, I would imagine that in scriptwriting, most of the time you want to open something you previously worked on. Currently this is behind two clicks. Is there any chance the first tab would be “Recent documents” instead of having the recents under a dropdown? Or at least a bit more visible than just a dropdown.

Update: I was looking at your forum tag when I responded, which has Mac+Windows, not noticing this was posted to Windows feedback. I should note some of the below is Mac specific (like creating a custom shortcut using the system level tools, never mind the favorites menu which isn’t in the Windows stable version yet). I do think the single-click method of loading a project should still work though. Sorry for the confusion!

At the risk of being pedantic, there is no way at all to compress the creation of a new project down to a single click—I am not sure how you are doing that. The most efficient mouse-driven way of creating a new project at the very least involves one double-click to select a template (never mind the category selection clicking that may be necessary), and then presumably some typing and clicking to choose a project name and save location, and then another click to save. That can be accelerated a bit with the keyboard, but I wouldn’t consider all of that as “single click”.

On the other hand, opening a project from the recent menu is really truly single click. :slight_smile: You click down on the mouse, you move the pointer to the project you want to open, you let go of the button.

Furthermore you do not have to go to this panel to access recent projects. You can do so directly from the File ▸ Recent Projects ▸ submenu, which again given the nature of how menus work, can be access with a single click using the drag method.

While there, also note the File ▸ Favorite Projects ▸ submenu. While that all by itself won’t be any more efficient than the recent projects menu it does raise an interesting possibility where custom keyboard shortcuts are concerned. If you create a custom shortcut to “File->Favorite Projects->My Project Name”, like say the F8 key, you now have single button access to that project, with no UI at all—and that’s a shortcut that works even if the project is open (by bring it to the front).

Now as to your request specifically, that has been asked for already (by people who write things other than screenplays, funnily enough—it must not be something peculiar to one type of writing :wink:) and we’ve decided not to, so it would be best to explore these options I’ve shared above.