Create shortcut to URI shortcut in binder?

Hi. I’d like to create a binder entry that links directly to a URI. Is that possible?

Use case: I’m using Devonthink (DT) to manage a large number of documents, and that app will generate URIs to link from other apps. For instance, I can link x-devonthink-item://21EE8F06-4A1D-4345-A2A7-FF3A5313AEC3 inside a scrivener file and it will take me directly to a certain folder in DT. Rather than put that link inside of text, I’d like to make a binder entry that, on click, will launch that URI.

Import > Research Files as Aliases only lets you choose files.
Import > Web Page… creates a web archive, which doesn’t work for URI’s.

Is this possible? Thank you!

You can’t make a Binder entry, but you can make a Bookmark.

Thanks. It seems Project Bookmarks get a little buried. Is there a way to make them more prominent, without taking up a whole section of my screen?

Also, it seems like you can make a link alias in MacOS and drop that into the Binder. I couldn’t quite get it to work though. Is there something preventing me from doing this?

Thanks for your help.

From Scrivener’s point of view, the Binder contains plain text document titles. There’s no mechanism to treat them as functioning links. (That is, you can name a document with text that looks like a link, but Scrivener won’t parse it as a link.)

You can show Project Bookmarks in their own floating window, which Shift-Cmd-B will pop up whenever you need. You can also show them as a sidebar to a Quick Reference pane.