Create Subdocument?

Sorry, I’m learning and full of questions.

What are the two most efficient ways to create a subdocument in the document I’m presently writing / editing?

What are the two most efficient ways to move a document inside another?


I guess you can creat a second document, and then with in the edit mode, push it to the right with the arrow.
As for the second question, if you plan to put a text document into another, I would first convert the containing file into a folder, then move the second thext into the folder and then convert the folder back to a text document. But maybe all this is wrong. Just trying… :wink:

As for question 2, I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

If you mean you want ‘doc Y’ to become a sub-document of ‘doc X’, move it immediately after ‘doc X’ and then to the right. ‘Doc X’ will then become a ‘document with sub-documents’, will have a different icon, and will potentially format differently at compile time.

If you mean you want the text of ‘doc Y’ to be integrated in ‘doc X’, then move it immediately after ‘doc X’ and in the binder with them both visible, tap ‘Edit’ at the top of the pane, select them both and tap ‘Merge’ in the footer of the pane.

Does that help?


move with the ±shaped arrow?

When you press it, various arrows appear (right, left, up, and down.) These are the ones you want to use.

Super, will give that a go.

Do we know of a way to create a sub-document right within the one we’re editing?