Create template for image - HowTo?


Being a real baby scrivener, my question is this:
Based upon this post I would try to try to use a Scrivener placeholder to create a template that will hold an image. I’m afraid my Scrivener knowledge does not reach far enough to fully understand how this works.

However, I would like to use the external reference to the image as path.
The idea would go like this: [code]Relevant description:

Underneath the image I would like to get text like this: Fig. <$n:name of figure>
What I don’t see is how I need to replace $@ with the path of the image?

If I can get this to work, I would like to structure it such that I would have say 2 templates, 1 will use 1 image per A4 page, the other will use 2 images on the same page.

As an aside:
Are there any ‘technical writer’ templates floating around to speed up learning :wink:

Thanks for your support!