Create text template set

Is it possible to create a set of text document templates?

At present there is a global setting for font type/size, background colouretc, but I would like to create a set of templates that would have either a different font or a different coloured background.

What I’m looking to do is to separate research notes by background colour. I know colour tags are available - but if it can be done, for what I want it would be better.

Project templates I can do but can’t see any way of doing a set of text doc templates.

Scriv 3.0.1 OSX 10.12.6

In Chapter 7, All About Files and Folders, refer to §7.5, starting on page 122. We demonstrate a few document templates in some of the built-in project templates. The character sheet thing for example is just a document template.

Thanks Amber I’ll check that out. I thought there must be some way of doing it.

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think you can change the background colour for individual documents at all — they’re a project wide setting — so document templates won’t help here.

What you can do is to assign different labels to individual document templates, then use the View > Use Label Colour in > options so that you can see at a glance in the Binder, Corkboard, Outliner, and Header Bar what the type of document is. Obviously, you can also add custom-metadata in the templates (eg a Research Item field set to the appropriate type) as another way of collating if required.


It does help thanks. You’re right though, it is only possible do the background colour globally ,although you can create document templates that have individual settings for text colour/size/font etc.

I did realise you could use label colours to achieve what I wanted, but thanks for the pointers. I was looking for something a bit more ‘standout’ as I use split screen a lot since I’ve been getting into Scriv3 and I saw it as an easy means of distinguishing between research notes and writing matter when they’re side by side.

I will post it as a wish list item along with a request for ‘open weblocs in default browser’ as a toggle/default rather than a menu item. For me it’s simpler to cmnd-tab to toggle between Scriv and Safari when using split screen rathr than revert to single screen and then use the drop down menu.