Created New Document when Drag Web Page or Mail to Scrivener

Would it be possible to automatically create a new document when you drag either a mail message or a web page to Scrivener?
One of Scrivener’s real strengths is managing research and correspondence on writing and other projects… At present if I am say tracking correspondence on a project, or bring in a web page I have to first create a document to hold what I am dragging.
Would it be possible to have a new document created when I drag mail or a web page?
I could envision dragging onto an existing folder and having the new document created within that folder (possibly taking on its default document type-- I have an icon and label for email in my correspondence folders).
Ideally if could use subject or sender or web page title to name the document, but this is not crucial.

Actually dragging in web pages should already work fine. Make sure you are dragging from the URL bar icon, beside the URL itself. That is what browsers use to send URL “objects” to other programs (or themselves). Not all browsers work well with this concept though, so maybe try another if your preferred isn’t working well.

As for mail, assuming you use Apple’s Mail software, try dropping the message into a References pane. That will drop a system URL to the message in Mail’s database. Double-click the icon and it will open in Mail. If you need the text of the message in Scrivener, then most e-mail clients make it easy to save the message as an RTF or plain-text file that can be dropped into any program.

We’ve looked into EML import in the past, it wasn’t terribly feasible at the time, but it’s still on the list of things to look in to when there is time to do so. Do note you can drag EML files into the Binder just fine—and in 10.7+ you can even read the e-mail, but it uses Quick Look so it’s not the most useful thing ever. You can’t select or search for text in it.