CreatedDate/ModifiedDate "Search In" options for Project Search

We have “Search In…” for all of the obvious document text fields, but I’ve felt awkwardly limited in my ability to have Scrivener show me the documents created or changed after/before a certain date. I’ve tried hijacking file labels or statuses to essentially tag documents as “wave 3” or some such designation, but it feels icky to have to give up labels or statuses for this. Additionally, it’s a lot of menial clicking to opt every document I create into a designation like this.

When I sit down to dedicate a month to writing in an existing project, I’m integrating the new storyline between the chapters of the existing content, etc. By the end, I can visually scroll through the additions and probably point them out given enough time, but there’s not an easy way to have Scrivener do the work with the file metadata it already has.

Enumerating all of the documents after (and/or before?) a specific date (created/modified choices here would be sensible) would open up a lot of flexibility for me. I could tally word counts from an arbitrary date or add the documents to collections after the fact (not one at a time every scene i create).

In my dream world, I could save a search like this via the “Save Search As Collection” and never have to worry about it again in large projects.

Thanks for the hard work on this software!

This is definitely on the cards for the future, but I’m afraid it hasn’t quite made it into the first version of our next major update. I have some code that can do this that I have used elsewhere in a search field, so it will be incorporated into project search at a later date.

Thanks and all the best,