Createspace Page Numbering - Arrgghh!

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to create a PDF to upload to Createspace from Scrivener of my novel which I very easily published on Kindle directly from Scrivener last year.

I have a problem which I don’t feel has been adequately answered in any other questions on the forum - I hope you don’t mind me asking - it may prevent me from jumping from the roof of my house some time later this evening…

Every time I compile the manuscript to PDF it numbers the pages wrongly. I want the page numbering to start on the first page of the first chapter and not, as it currently does, on the page after the title page. I have scoured every forum, tried everything I can think of on Scriv but still I can’t seem to correct it. This is so infuriating that I’m about to abandon the whole project and either publish a really unprofessional book (not an option) or just not publish at all. I love writing in Scrivener - it’s lovely and I’ve recommended it to lots of people but I just can’t get this page numbering thing to come out right. I’ve created rtf, .docx, PDF docs but all are dreadful and wrong.

Please please help me. I can’t afford to buy a Mac just so that it all turns out good. I have a humble Windows laptop which has served me well in conjuction with lovely Scriv.


Suz :cry:


Looks as though that can’t be done in Windows.

Compiling and then editing in a word processor seems to be the only way forward.


Briar Kit

Thanks Briar Kit,

I’m really quite a technophobe so getting as far as writing a novel in Scrivener and then publishing on Kindle and (hopefully!) on Createspace is a major thing for me.

Are you suggesting that I transfer my entire Scriv file to a Word document and then adding page numbers from there? I assume there is a possibility of formatting the page numbers so that they appear at the correct place in the manuscript. I’ve tried compiling to a .docx document but it still won’t let me start the page numbers at the first chapter. I’ve tried messing around with the Page Number custom bit but it still starts from the wrong page.

Any help anyone can give would be really appreciated!

For me to get mine right, I created two separate compiles.

First I compiled everything up to the first “numbered” page, and I compiled that without page numbers to a PDF.

Then I compiled everything after the first “numbered” page to a separate PDF.

Then I used Adobe Acrobat to COMBINE the two PDFs.

That’s what I loaded to CreateSpace.

However, the pain and agony of having to go back and forth to get everything just right for CreateSpace made me go ahead and by InDesign so I can do the formatting correctly and not have to worry about all of this crap. Neither Scrivener nor Word can really format that sort of thing easily.

I’m surprised Word can’t do it. I haven’t used Word since 5.1a for Mac became unusable with the change to Intel and OS-X, but if my memory serves it could do it. Nisus Writer Pro—Mac only—can do it with ease, it’s just a matter of using a section break and setting up headers, footers for each section and then the page number to start at 1 for the main text.

If Word can’t do that, it’s even worse than I thought.


Mr X