CreateSpace seems to want a PDF rather than a .mobi. So I’m trying to compile Paperback Novel/For PDF.

One small problem; everything else is fine, but while on the right-hand pages it says “Title by Author”, on the left-hand pages it has the author’s name. Is this the norm? Surely it should be just the title on the left-hand page, or else the chapter title?

I tried putting projecttitle in the Compile dialogue, but that just has “Title by Author” (with the actual title and the actual author) on both pages, which is a bit of an embarrassment of riches.

And since CreateSpace asks this - what size of book (in inches/centimetres) does the Paperback Novel format produce?

You can set up the author and book title in the Project/Meta-Data Settings... window, under “Project Properties”. These are the values that the compile tokens will use.

All layout information for compile settings is located in the Page Settings pane. This has margins as well as paper dimensions, in the upper half of the pane. Note this preset uses offset margins for binding room, so the asymmetrical left/right margin settings are intentional.

Thanks, AmberV, I’ve kind of cracked it now.