"Creating a backup"

I’ve noticed that whenever I close Scrivener for Windows, I get a little window that says “creating a backup”, with a little progress bar that takes maybe 10 seconds to complete. I’m not familiar with this behaviour from Scrivener for Mac. I just wanted to make sure that this is intentional and that I haven’t somehow triggered a setting that is creating needless duplicate backups.


Hi jianada,

This is Scrivener’s default auto-backup process.

Go to File > Options > Backup (icon in the far upper right).

Here you’ll be able to view and modify Scrivener’s backup settings – where, when, how, and how many. The default setting is to retain 5 backup files. I recommend changing that to 25, unless you’ve got some other bulletproof backup system in place.

I’ll spare you my usual lecture about having proper backups. :smiley: All I’ll say is a Scrivener zipped backup is cheap insurance, and the easiest (by far) mechanism for recovering a Scrivener project, if you encounter some issue that would otherwise cause Scrivener data loss.


Mac Scriv behaves the same, unless you had unticked ’backup at project close’

Thanks everyone for your help with this. I must have turned this feature off on the Mac years ago and not realized it.