Creating a card by dragging text

I have an idea for a new feature. It’s easiest to explain like this: I had a Scrivener project open and split the layout. One half of the split was in corkboard mode. The other half of the split was in regular (document) mode. I’d like to be able to select some text from the document in document mode and drag it into the corkboard window and have the text automatically create a new card. Right now, if I want to do something similar I have to right-click on the text in the document mode, choose “Append Selection to Document” then “New…” and then enter the title and folder of the new document.

An alternative to using the “Append” feature is to drag the text from the document to the appropriate spot in the Binder and create a new document that way. If you drag it into the folder or group whose contents you’re viewing in the Corkboard, the new card will appear as soon as you’ve dropped the text in the Binder. The dragged text will become the contents of the new document and the first part of it (around 52 characters, I think) will become the title.

Mimetic, thanks! That works well for me.

I did just notice that the technique of dragging to a folder in the Binder doesn’t work for Collections.

I have a document with a long list of ideas and I made a Collection of it and a folder where I want to store the ideas in multiple documents. But when I drag text from the document to the folder nothing happens.

Not a big deal, but would be nice if it worked.

True; you can’t drag into a Collection. But I’m not sure I quite understand what you’re doing. Since Collections are flat, you can’t put anything in a folder in a Collection anyway–folders in a Collection are really just the text of the folder, not the subdocuments contained in it when you view it in the Binder. And if you’re storing all your new “idea” documents in a single folder anyway, why not just put them straight there in the regular Binder view rather than via the Collection? You can easily move them into the Collection afterward. Using “Hoist Binder” on that idea folder while you’re working with the drag and drop will give you essentially the same view, without the distraction of the other documents in the Binder.

And even if you could just drop straight into the Collection, Scrivener would have to put the new documents into an automatically created “Collection (unsorted)” folder anyway, as it does when you create a new document in a Collection by other means. So you’d end up still needing to organize them in the Binder after you’d finished.

Mimetic, you are right again. Hoisting solved what I was trying to do.