Creating a GitHub Pages "booklet" using Scrivener

I’ve been trying to create a booklet to be published on GitHub Pages. Amber, Keith, and others are surely maddened by my silly questions, but with their help I’m on the way. So I’ve decided to publish a different booklet, describing how I am doing it.

For those who don’t know my writing style, a colleague of mine calls it “Programming in Public”. I write down pretty much everything I do and what goes wrong, trying to show my thinking process and the real process of building something, not the idealized one you typically see. I’m following the same approach here, documenting my steps, including mistakes, along the way to getting what I want.

If you’re interested, here’s my first tweet announcing the thing:

New version now includes the little Ruby script I wrote, following AmberV’s lead, to split the big file and put the references in every split. Hoping to help …

Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed seeing how your discovery process unfolded and having the medium itself as a practical example of the fruits of that discovery was a cool bonus.


It’s a curious way to write but one that I’ve used to advantage in my programming writing. Rather than the cleaned up examples that appear by magic, I like to show what really happens in the minds of people doing real work. (Well, at least my mind, and my work. :smiley: )

I continue to enhance it. Or at least change it.