Creating a Hyperlink

I work with DevonThink Pro Office where I can be typing a text in a rich text file, and at some point I can select a portion of it, use keyboard shortcuts (Opt-Cmd-M), and then I have a hyperlink. If I click on it, a new document opens where I can write more text. Is it possible for me to create such a shortcut in Scrivener? To create it in the Keyboard menu on the Mac, I will need to know the exact name of the command in Scrivener, which I cannot find. If anyone can help, I will really appreciate it.

With a slight adjustment to behaviour, there is already a shortcut built-in for that, and a typing mechanism that does the same:

  1. While typing hit Cmd-L to create a link to a new document. The slight difference is here: you do have to make something to link to it first, so you’ll be taken to a dialogue to do so. If you would prefer to not be whisked off to the new document immediately, adjust that in the Navigation preference pane, with the Open newly created Scrivener Links in option, to: “(Do not open)”.
  2. Over in the Corrections preference pane, enable Automatically detect [[Scrivener links]]. That does precisely the same thing as above, only you provide the name of the thing as you type instead of in a dialogue box (though you still need the dialogue to choose where to put it). The nice thing about this method is that it also works with existing document names, so linking up to files already in the binder by name is a snap.

I think the OP might have been referring to putting an URL scheme link into Scrivener from DevonThink. I don’t use a Mac, which also means that I don’t use DevonThink, but Scrivener will support linking to external apps via URL schemes if you go to Edit > Link > no prefix. At least that’s for Windows; maybe there’s a slicker way to do it on Mac.

If that is what they are referring to, then yes that is how you would insert a direct link to a DEVONthink document in Scrivener—you can also use References for that sort of thing.

On the Scrivener side (Mac only at this time), you can also do the same in the other direction by right-clicking on something in the binder and copying its document link, or using the Edit/Copy Special/Copy Document as External Link menu command. That URL can then be pasted into any software that takes links to provide a direct link to the binder item.

Amber, I forgot about the double braces option, which works great, but I can’t seem to make Open newly created Scrivener Links > (Do not open) to work. I restarted Scrivener and them also restarted my mac, but it is not working. If anyone can recommend what I can try out, I will appreciate it.

liz, dragging and dropping files from Devon Think Pro Office works well for me, but I am glad to know that there is another option which I will try at some point.

Hmm, it seems to be working as expected over here. For the sake of clarity, what should be happening is that the link gets created and nothing at all happens after that point in the editor. You keep typing in the document as you were, with no splits or Quick Ref panels coming up. You will still get the intermediate dialogue requesting a location to save the new file you’re linking to (if it’s indeed a new file); there is no way around that step as Scrivener doesn’t support true wiki-style placeholder links.

Oh, regarding drag and drop from DEVONthink—double-check to see what kind of link that makes. Last time I looked it was a “file:” link directly to the resource inside the database’s package format. I’m not sure how stable that is over a long period of time.

That makes sense. I was seeing the intermediate step, and it makes sense because I would rather know where that new file gets created/saved.

As for DevonThink, I usually drag and drop text files from DTPO to Scrivener. Many of the DTPO files have DTPO links, and as long as DTPO is open, the links work well, which is pretty cool. I do not know how stable this will be over time either, but I do not import everything from DTPO to Scivener, and if a DTPO link that I access from Scrivener is not working, I can access it in DTPO.