Creating a Keyboard Shortcut for Open in Copyholder

I am using System Preferences to create a keyboard shortcut so I can select a scrivening file and open it in a copyholder. However, I cannot seem to make it work.

I typed “in Copyholder” in Sytem preferences > App Shortcuts > Scrivener and then “Open in Copyholder”. I also experimented different keyboard shortcuts, but none of these worked. Any tips?

Buy Keyboard Maestro. It’s a macro program for OSX, and I find it essential for making the most out of Scrivener.

In addition to simple keystroke aliases, it can do complex, multiple-step procedures. KM can also be triggered by folder activity like Hazel, by typing shortcuts like TextExpander, or by plugging/unplugging a USB device.

One of my favorite uses is application notes. I have an OminOutliner document of reminders of obscure but cool features in Scrivener. Things I don’t often use, but when I need them, I want them at my fingertips. I made a KM macro that launches whenever I open Scrivener, and it open that outline. I made another one that closes the list when I quit Scrivener.

p.s. Well, never mind! I just figured it out. I had to update to the new Scrivener file because the shortcuts were linked to the old app and I saved both versions. I am not sure if that is the reason why it worked, but now it does.

That is a pretty cool suggestion, popcornflix. I will keep that app in mind!