Creating a link to the end

I would like to hyperlink some text at the beginning of my book to have it jump to the end. For example, I have a free book for my newsletter. I want to place this at the front and end of my book. The link at the front would go to the page at the end of the book and the link at the end would go to my website.

I know how to do the link going to my site but can’t seem to figure out how to link in the book so when it’s formatted for Kindle (.mobi) it goes to the end.

Anyone know the answer to this? I find it hard to believe this isn’t possible when something like Word does this easily.

I’ve never tried this, but I think “Scrivener Links” are the way to go. You select a word or phrase and then go to Edit->Scrivener Link and choose the document you want to link to. When you compile, this should create an link for document types that are capable of internal links, such as epub and PDF.

That’s what I though too but Scrivener link doesn’t make a link in ePub or Mobi formats. I want to upload this to Kindle so I haven’t tried PDF.

Is this the only way to get support for Scrivener or is there an email contact, live chat? I can’t seem to find anything.

The Support page on the website has contact info for tech support, etc.

Presently, compiling to ebook formats only supports external links, such as to the website. To link to a different section of the book, you’d need to do some post-editing in a tool like Sigil (using the epub format, which you could then convert to mobi via KindleGen/Amazon’s Kindle Previewer).

An alternative might be to use an inline footnote for the info that you’d otherwise put at the end, so that you’d make whatever reference to it at the beginning you wanted, and then have an inline footnote (which would be a linked footnote in the compiled ebook) for info about the newsletter and the link to the webpage. You’d need to use an inline footnote rather than inspector footnotes for this to maintain the working weblink.