Creating a mobi file for kindle

I am using version 1.9.16 for windows 10 and receive a message when I try to create a Mobi file. KindleGen not found, to export to the KindleGen format, you need to install KindleGen. The problem is that Amazon no longer offers KindleGen and uses Kindle Previewer in its place. I have downloaded the previewer, but I am not finding how to get scrivener to use the new software. Has anyone created an ebook Mobi file successfully? And how do you do it? Thanks in advance.

Scrivener 3 will automatically detect Kindle Previewer and use it if installed. I don’t remember at what point that function was added, though.

The other alternative is to compile to ePub and open the result in Kindle Previewer yourself.

According to your previous posts, Scrivener 3.1.5 for Mac and later. I did not think the auto-detection was in Scrivener 3 for Windows yet – I’ve always had to manually configure it.

Here’s my post back from RC11:

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Thank you both, I was able to point scrivener to the new link and everything is working now.