Creating a new character on iOS

This is probably something obvious that I’m just not finding. How do I create a new character from a character sheet template using the iOS version of Scrivener?

When I hit the + while in the characters folder in my project, I just get a simple text file, not a new instance of the character template.

Is there any way to do this?



Document templates aren’t currently supported in the iOS 1.0 version, so for now you will need to duplicate the document and then use Move.

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As stated, if you already have a character template, or template files in general, you can duplicate the file, name it properly, then move it to where you’d like it.

The most efficient method (which is almost identical to the regular document templates feature) is to swipe left on the template file, tap More and then Copy To, selecting the character dossier folder (or wherever it would be going).

My workaround is to do my templating in Editorial (with Python support :mrgreen: ) and then push the markdown document to Scrivener using a sharesheet. Work really well; doubly so because I do my world building in Editorial.