Creating a new note with default alignment being central


I’m using central as default setting for the alignment of new notes.

I can’t get rid of the feeling that, with this setting, the point where you double click to create a new note should be the centre of the new note rather than the left edge of it. When you’re having the left alignment as the default setting, text is being written exactly where you click, but with the central alignment, it starts somewhere else, depending on how the default width of new notes is. The same goes for right alignment.

I hope this is the right section for this topic. I’m posting in the bug section because the issue is one that makes my mind think a bit more about where to double click than necessary when creating a new note. I hope that it’d be possible to set the starting point to the centre when having a central alignment (or to the right side when you’re using a right alignment).

Basically, with my settings, the note should be created moved to the left by one half of the default width. Accordingly, with the option set to right alignment, it should be created moved to the left by exactly the default width.

If you need more input, please let me know.

All the best!

Thanks for the feedback, we’re giving this one some thought. It’s not really bug because it works precisely the way it was programmed to work, but we do see your point on how the programmed behaviour can force a bit of guesswork when creating new notes.

Yes, this behavior is unintuitive. I don’t know what the best solution is. For now I always use left aligned as the “stack notes” option is a real boon to quickly getting down ideas. But if I use anything other than left aligned the “stacked notes” approach just seems wonky.

Okay, now that is a bug. I’ve investigated it and the root problem is not alignment, but auto-size. If you wish to work with a default alignment other than left, and also wish to use stacking, you will need to disable Auto-size notes in the General preference tab.

This is likely why it felt unreliable to you, rather than just feeling as though it never works. So long as auto-size was never triggered in the note, then stacking would work. Auto-size is only ever triggered when a new one contains confirmed text content that is narrower than the default note width. If the typing exceeds the default note width (thus word-wrapping to a second line), or any other condition that will cause auto-size to disable, then stacking works.

Although Ioa is classifying it as a “bug”, I’m not sure I agree. I’d be interested in suggestions for how it should work differently if auto-sizing is on. Should auto-sizing not happen if a note is in a stack and uses anything other than left or justified alignment?

(The note placement on double-clicking is on the list for the future.)