Creating a New Project

Hi. I’m having trouble creating a new project, as I keep getting the message saying I’m trying to store in it’s own backup location. I can’t work out which is a back up and which isn’t. I’ve looked at the help advice and it doesn’t help. I created my originals in my Documents folder. As far as I can see the backups are also stored here. But it doesn’t matter which of the various folders I open, I get the same message. … even when the file name does not having ‘backup’ at the end of the file name.
I don’t know how I change the place I store backups because it’s automatic so how do I control that? If I knew how to do that it would help possibly.
I’m obviously not very techie, so a simple explanation of what I can do would be much appreciated.

First, decide on where you want your backups to go, which should be a separate folder from where you work on your “live” projects.

Then, go to Scrivener->Preferences->Backup

There, you can set your backup folder location. After that, close scrivener, and move all backups to the new folder. Now when you edit your project, it won’t give you that error.

Thank you so much… did it in 5 minutes! And now I can create a new project folder. Your ‘help’ was exactly the same as the Scrivener help except they missed out some vital information. I didn’t realise I had to create a separate folder myself… it seemed like the process was automatic… and then I don’t think they said move the backups…
Weird though… some of the backups wouldn’t move… so I held my breath and just deleted them… I’ve got an external hard drive backing up all the time, so I risked it.
Thanks again.

Normally, your backup folder is set to some place under /Users/[your user id]/Library… (a hidden folder) by default. I think you must have accidentally changed the backups destination, either directly, or through some kind unusual circumstance.