Creating a second draft

Please excuse my laziness - I am sure this is simple to work out but I thought it would be quicker to ask.

I have just finished the first draft of my novel - hurrah! And now I have to edit it harshly to create a second draft - boo! What I would like to do is keep the first draft just in case, and create a copy of it to work on. Then if I delete stuff and later change my mind, I can refer back to the old draft.

What is the simplest/neatest/safest way to do this, please?

Many thanks for your help.

A couple of options (you may wish to do both):

  1. You can use File > Backup To to make a copy of the entire project before editing.

a) Select the Draft folder in the binder.
b) Hit cmd-D (Documents > Duplicate). This will create a copy of the entire Draft folder. You can now just edit away in the Draft folder knowing you have a copy.

Also, before editing each document, you can hit cmd-5 to take a snapshot of the document as-is, so that you can return to the earlier version at any time.

All the best,

Keith, you are an angel. I will do all three, just to be safe. I’ve been a bit dizzy recently - it’s the excitement of finishing a first draft going to my head. And too much chocolate.