Creating a short story collection

The short story template is great, but does anyone have any tips for creating a short story collection? I want to create one book with up to six individual short stories in it.


Why not use the novel template for this? The format should be pretty much the same. If you have any specific requirements beyond that, let us know so that we can give you some specific guidance on how to modify it to meet your needs.

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I agree, the novel template would probably be easier as it is set up to generate titles for you automatically. You’d probably want to adjust the way folders are output in the compiler, so they don’t prefix the name of the folder with “Chapter X”. That can be done in the “Level Settings” button with in the compile Formatting preference pane. You’ll need to click on the folder icon in the list at the top. You should then see the “Chapter 1:” boilerplate text in the editor below, and the level settings button right above the editor will give you access to where that boilerplate is set up.

Thanks, the novel template with the compile options edited as you suggested did the trick.