Creating a Superhero World

Hi folks,
I’m using Scrivener to create a background for a superhero roleplaying world (not for publication, just personal use). I have a binder for the world itself, including places and people and events in it.I have an alphabetized list of characters, superheroes and supervillains, and I’ve started to tag them so I can look up different kinds of characters as I need them. I also have different superhero teams and organizations built as collections.

I have my project file in my Dropbox folder so I can easily sync with the computer I use to game with. When I don’t have a PC, I can make notes with my Xoom or my smartphone and save a text file in my Dropbox folder so I can import that once I get back to Scrivener. (I understand why there’s no Android version of Scrivener yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed!)

Anyway, I just thought I’d share what I’m doing, and would be interested in any comments or suggestions from the rest of you.