Creating a table format

I’m trying to create a document that has 3 columns down all pages. I had it so it looked right on my screen, but when I went to print it, it printed the columns on different pages instead of all 3 across the same page. I would love any advice on how to make this work, especially since the homework is due in a few days!!
Thanks. Anna

Just to make sure we are on the same page: you set “Use columns” in the Layout compile pane (available to RTF, DOCX and ODT), and changed the number to three? If so, I’m not sure what you mean by things looking right on the screen, since this is purely something that is applied during compilation, you wouldn’t ever see it in the text editor.

Or do you mean literally tables, as in you used a table in the text editor? If so, I wouldn’t recommend using tables to generate a true column based output, they just aren’t designed for layout like that, but rather for tabular content. You’d basically have to make one table per page, and that is going to be hard to orchestrate in a program like Scrivener that isn’t purely WYSIWYG.