Creating a Table of Contents

I have tried every method discussed from the manual (sorry - confusing, convoluted instructions), from these forums, from other Scrivener help websites - to create a table of contents in any format which will include page numbers when I print my book for review and editing. No luck. Sometimes close, but no cigar. I can get one which produces the <$p> code with the chapter/text items, but that does not serve me well when printing a draft/manuscript, I have inserted page breaks. Still no luck.

I have to be missing something bigly. What is it I’m missing? (latest Windows 3 beta)

Side benefit to all this. I now look pretty cool after tearing all my hair out.

OK, I found the solution, after a couple hours of searching. Compiling for Word or RTF (and I suppose for Open Office) creates a document with placeholders for the page numbers. The numbers show up in Print Preview, and of course when you actually print the project.

Does this mean you can’t create a table of contents until it is exported to Word/etc?

Hey Sonya. Perhaps by now you have figured out the TOC creation thing. Sorry I didn’t reply when I found out how to do it by searching around in the web. There are some very good sites which have a lot of how-to information. A simple search will bring them up. I use them often. The good stuff I keep forgetting (over and over)? I copy it and put it in a tutorial database of my own in which I can search for specific issues and tips instead of putting it in a Word document.

Bottom line: Create a text document/page. Highlight in the binder all you want to have in the TOC. Go to Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as ToC. Paste in the blank page you created.

I may be preaching to the choir if you now know this stuff.