Creating a template with formatting but no text

On Windows it is currently not possible to set default text preferences (font, line space and first line indent) for a single project.

As a work around, I have tried creating a blank template with the formatting I want for the project, but this does not work. Regardless of whether I create a new Project Template, or a new Page Template within a project, Scrivener does not apply the formatting preferences that have been set for the Template unless the Template contains text. It does not remember the formatting preferences on a blank Template that has the text preferences set but no text.

Yes, Kozmic,

I’ve encountered the same issue (as it seems to me) with my attempted template having a Tab-indented first, blank, line.
Such as:

TAB, Return

The “Dt:”, [newnote], ±±, lines are each left flush; the new document’s intended 1st line (blank) Tabbed once only, then Returned. (The Editor F12 default is set for paragraphs’ 1st lines indented.)
But when the ‘newnote’ document is generated from the template, that first line’s Tab instruction is lost, on the ruler and in fact, as are all subsequent paragraphs’ 1st-line indents.

Even when I duplicate the template, then open it, that 1st line Tab is lost.

Unfortunately, neither the (Mac?) Format/Font/Remember Typing Style nor the Project/Text Preferences… commands suggested elsewhere are available for Win-Scriv.

ps: It would be nice were I able to specify in the template where I wanted the cursor to be when the newnote document generated. (It would be one blank space after “Dt:” so I could first of all Ctrl-F6 the date into the document … but that is another issue, posted by me some time ago.)