Creating a ToC

My first post. Have used Scrivener for past year. Loving it. Writing my life story, which consists of many sections and chapters.
It seems that the index I need could be quite straight forward.
I would just highlight and copy all the chapter names, copy, then paste in the first section.
This would not be a “smart” index, but it should work ok.
Problem is that is I try this, there is no way of highlighting the chapter names and copying them.
I could make a list called index, then hand type everyone of the chapter names into a section and put it at the top.
Can anyone please help me set up a simple index.


It sounds more like you are describing a table of contents than a topical index? If it is a ToC you want, check out Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as ToC, but the copy as Scrivener Links option might also be a good starting point depending on your target. If you were making a topical index, then the trick of creating an internal link between a page number code and the item it refers to would be one way of going about it.

Thanks AmberV,
I composed a long reply but had an error when trying to post.
Anyway, I followed instructions from manual and hope it worked.
Will explain more later, when I figure out why my reply was not posted.

Twice tried to reply but get this error:
General Error
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I’m not sure but it looks like perhaps a character sneaked into the post that our forum cannot handle. If you pasted in some stuff from another editor, it could be there was a Unicode control code in the mix or something.

What I did was check Preview first, so that might have something to do with it.
Seems to be working ok now.

Testing, because getting Post errors.


Still getting SQL ERROR on my replies, yet no problem here. Is my reply too long, or something?

Does it show an error when you click preview, or just submit? There is a maximum length, but it is very long and the message for it is a normal return, not an SQL error message.

First time I got the Error msg was when I did Preview, then Submit.
Subsequently to that, it has also failed when just using Submit.
Short msgs like this seem to work ok.
Sending this with just selecting Submit.


Well feel free to e-mail your request to our support address since it doesn’t seem to want to let you post it here.

Yes, I thought of that. First I will study the makeup of the forum and experiment a bit.
Hopefully, it will get resolved the more I learn about the forum and use it.


I have been having trouble creating a table of contents in Scrivener. I did what AmberV said, but I do not have any options under “Copy Special”, they are all greyed out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about making a table of contents?

Originally, I responded to this post getting mixed up with “Creating an Index” and “Creating ToC”, so now I suppose the title should be “How to Create Index”, so how do you re-direct this to reflect the correct title. With other forums, one way to do it was by changing the title to something like “Creating ToC” - was “Creating an Index”.

I do not seem to be getting the above ‘ERROR’ when posting anymore.


Good idea, I have split off this portion of the conversation into its own thread, and relocated it to the Mac section.