Creating a web link through cut and paste

I know I read it somewhere, but I cannot find it anywhere. My first small project I have used Scrivener for didn’t require much research, but now I’m onto a project that does require quite a bit.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to create a clickable link in my research folder. Do I create a notecard with the URL as the title or meta-data body? do I just put the URL in the text body?

So far nothing I have tried has worked.

Assuming you’re using the latest version of Scrivener [1.08], open any text document, new or existing. Type in and highlight the link you wish to create, then choose , from the toolbar menu. A link entry form will open for you to enter the web address you’re linking to, and that’s it. You’re all done. I don’t believe you can use the synopsis cards for links, but you can use both the project and document notes areas - another super useful feature from the esteemed KB.

Roy :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly!

Off to grab the beta now.

You’re most welcome. :slight_smile:

Oh, and don’t let the fact that 1.08 is a beta put you off. It really is rock solid.