Creating an adaptable resume using MMD in Scrivener

I was thinking to use multimarkdown to abstract style from content to allow me to manage my base resume so that I can quickly adapt it for various purposes, exporting either html or rtf or pdf versions to send on to folks.

The trick is that I’m wanting to make use of multiple columns across the horizontal width to make optimum use of space (ie job title, job description, location/date) so I can commit to style changes across ALL of the elements. Most frequently, I would expect to bring the resulting doc into textedit or word or something to make the final tweaking changes, but I’m hoping to get so close in Scrivener that tuning up a resume will be quick.

I was thinking of using tables and finding interesting scrivener-esque ways to organize jobs so I could quickly drag them into a different order (or drop jobs entirely) before compling a new resume. But maybe I’m trying to use the wrong app for the job.

Ah freelance life. Ah daily reinvention of my resume.

Have any of you done anything like this? Any pointers or sample documents/html to look at?

I probably wouldn’t bother doing the resume thing this way if I wasn’t hoping to use this project to get a solid sense of mmd (and ideally create wonderfully marked up html versions of resume!).


The only thing I’m familiar with that could theoretically help with this is CSS, but I don’t think that would do what you want, since it’s for websites. :slight_smile:

(And yes, I’m bumping this topic for you.)