Creating an Anthology

I’m writing some short stories for my newsletter subscribers. Someday I might publish them in an anthology. Also, I may put together a boxset of my books.

Any suggestions on how to structure things now so that combining the stories will be easier in the future?


I have one project with multiple “draft” folders. Each draft is a specific project. I work in each folder just like a “book”. This give me a lot of options on compile.

I’ve been contemplating making a project of each folder or using links to external files etc. just seems to me that my existing method is best (for me).

I’d go with the “Novel with Parts” structure, if your stories are “short stories” or novellas, long enough for a few chapters each. One “part” folder per story, with one or more chapter documents in the “part” folder. Alternately, the default Novel with Parts compile presets accommodate chapter folders with scene documents nested in them. Start from there, but modify the compile preset so that it doesn’t label the top-level folders as “Part IV” and the like, just using the title of the folder for the story title.

In the mean-time, you can just set your compile to use each story’s folder at the top-level compile target, so that it ignores the rest of the top-level folders in your draft.