Creating an index of action points?

I’m producing a management report which contains a number of action points. I want to tag the title action point to then produce a one-page list of these. Similar to how pictures can be captioned in Microsoft Word and a table of captions can be produced.

Is there way of doing this in Scrivner?

Are you asking in regards to organising your work for yourself, or is this something that needs to be in the output for your readers?

The latter - so I want a table of those entries

Okay, you could probably make use of either of the tools we have available for creating lists of cross-references. They are both located in the Edit/Copy Special/ sub-menu. For both of them, select all of the items you wish to have included in the list, and then use either “Copy Documents as Scrivener Links”, or “Copy Documents as ToC”. The latter will format them in an indented list with page number reference codes—so it is meant for print (word processor compatible). The former is better for e-books and digital PDF as it will just present a simple list of hyperlinks to the sections.