Creating 'anchor' links within a document


I need to create a linked table of contents within a doc, just like a web page where the links are on the top of the page and go to the ‘anchors’ within the content further down the page.

How do I do this?


Select the items you wish to appear in the ToC, the easiest way to do this is to use the Outliner and click on Draft. Close everything with Cmd-0, and the repeatedly press Cmd-A + RightArrow until you’ve opened up the outline to the depth you wish to reveal in the ToC. Now with everything selected in the outliner, select Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as ToC.

With that done, create a new document in your Draft and call it “Contents” or whatever you prefer; paste into that document: done!

Note this is a dynamic list in terms of pagination. When compiling, these will all come out as page numbers in word processors that handle RTF bookmark references. However it is of course not dynamic in terms of order. If you later on shuffle some sections around, this list will not update; you’ll need to regenerate it according to the above steps.

See Chapter 24 (pg. 228) of the PDF for full details on this feature.

Thanks, Amber : )