Creating backup folder on Mac

Hi, I’m a new user and was prompted by Scriverner to create a backup folder on my 2017 mac powerbook (OS Mojave 10.14.13). Try as a may I can’t manually set up a backup folder on my interanl hard disk, icloud, or external harddisk using the menus located in preferences. When I attempt to selection any of these locations I get the message, “Scrivener can’t open folder” even though I have created folder’s labeled “backup” at each of these locations. Any guidance?
Thanks, Sherrod,

Do you have the App Store version of Scrivener? If so, you probably need to explicitly give Scrivener permission to use that location. I don’t have an App Store copy handy, but I think the command is something like “Authorize Folder Access,” and it’s on the Scrivener menu.


There are two ways the MAS version is granted permission to use the backup folder:

  • The Choose… button in the Backup preference pane. As with all sandboxed applications, they make use of a centralised file open dialogue that automatically grants permission through the use of it.
  • The aforementioned folder authorization tool. That’s a good tool when you need to grant large areas open to Scrivener’s free use. Not necessary for anything that works normally with Save/Open/etc.

If you’re getting an error while in the file dialogue box, that’s probably general permissions issue with your Mac. It isn’t clear whether you mean this error happens when Scrivener tries to create a backup though.