Creating Binder documents from an imported rtf file possible?

Is there a way to, when importing a long rtf file, have it automatically being split up into separate text documents, each containing a single chapter? I tried it with the File/Import/Import and Split option, but I cannot open an rtf file this way it seems. I get the message that the file isn’t a valid Markdown file.

I created a story development program for OSX and Windows and would now like to add an export option so a long written document can be directly imported into Scrivener, ready to go for the user to continue writing.

Check the options for your Import and Split command. It doesn’t need to be Markdown, it just needs to have a unique delimiter at the split points. See Section 9.1.6 in the manual for more details about Import and Split.


Thanks. I got it working by renaming the .txt extension to .doc. And the different chapters in the text document start with #. The import results with a separate document for every chapter in the Binder, which is great.

Are there more ways to adjust the imported text file, for example renaming “draft” to the title of the imported text file?

Thanks for your help!

Ah, yes, the .txt extension would have told Scrivener to expect a Markdown file. But if it was .rtf, why not just use that extension?

The Import and Split command won’t rename the Draft folder, but you can. What are you trying to accomplish by doing so, though? The Compile command uses other metadata for things like the title page.


Actually that is not needed, you are right. I. haven’t been working with Scrivener for a while and it seems I even forgot the basics!

The import into Scrivener works very fine now, I have 4 different text exports from the StoryCraft software which can now easily import into Scrivener. Is there a way to combine the import and split divider text to avoid having to do this 4 times? I tried things like CHAPTER/CHARACTER, but that doesn’t seem to work.