Creating Binders from an imported outline

Hello there,

I started creating my outline for chapter titles in LibreOffice, and want to import it into Scrivener. My question is how can I do it in such a way, that the contents become my document/folder names in the binder? I could manually create the documents and sub-documents, but I hope it would be possible to do this as a one- or two- step process by importing.

If this isn’t a feature, then I’ll suggest it in the wish list as well. It would be a good idea, especially for someone who has a long outline (multiple chapters, sections, and sub-sections).

Also, if this is possible in the Scrivener for Windows version, I’d gladly take those steps as well. I’m able to dual-boot to either Windows or Linux, so either one works.

Thanks, and have a great day.

It’s not possible to take an outline from a .doc file or such and import that as a multilevel outline of files and folders, but you can use File > Import > Import and Split and use a carriage return as the splitter character to import the file such that each line (presumably each bullet point in the outline) becomes a file. This will place the line of text within the main document and will also use it as the title (at least to a point; if it’s very long it may get truncated, but you could always clean up any instances of that by selecting the text in the document after import and then using Document > Set Selection as Title). The documents will be a flat list, so you’ll need to indent them after importing; this is pretty easy with either drag and drop or the keyboard Ctrl+ArrowKey shortcuts (both of which can be used on multiple selected documents at a time). If you want to change some to folders, just select them, right-click and choose Convert to Folder. (Keep in mind that both folders and documents can have subdocuments in Scrivener.)

OPML and Mindmap .mm files can also be imported into Scrivener (Mac doesn’t support .mm), and these will maintain the hierarchy and give you the option of where to import any associated notes (e.g. to the document’s synopsis or main text in Scrivener), so for future outlining you may want to try working in a program that can save to this format.

You say that you can have the OPML import from MindMap use the notes as either Synopsis/Notes or into the main Editor. How do you make the import put the notes in the Editor window?


The Mac and Windows versions handle this differently, so in the Mac version you need to set the option in the Import/Export tab of Scrivener > Preferences. Under Import Options, choose to import OPML notes into “Main text (with synopsis)”.