Creating Createspace PDF with Scrivener

Before I found Scrivener, I published a Kindle book using OpenOffice. I now plan to create a PDF version of that book for publishing with Createspace.

I can either:

  1. Fix things like page numbers, headings, TOC in OpenOffice and create the PDF from there.


  1. Import it into Scrivener, divide up chapters, etc, and use Scrivener to create the PDF

Additional info: I will also need to create an ePub version of the book.

For those of you who have been through this process, or simply know more about it, which should I choose?

I noticed that I can’t specify mirrored margins (different for L and R pages) in Scrivener. Maybe that rules it out??



To answer my own question (and to help anyone in the future who has this question) it seems that it will be much simpler to just edit the OpenOffice document, and create it from there.

I’d concur with that assessment. If you’ve already got the complete manuscript outside of Scrivener and you’re just tweaking some formatting for publication, there’s no reason to put it into Scrivener. Most of the time, if you’re self-publishing (rather than just submitting a document for someone else to lay out in In Design), you’re going to want to compile and then polish the formatting in a word processor where you look at layout and so on, aspects that are beyond Scrivener’s scope. So even if you did bring it to Scrivener, you’d probably end up compiling to RTF or .doc, making some final adjustments in OpenOffice, and then saving to PDF from there–much simpler to just start at OpenOffice. Even if you weren’t going to need the word processor at the end, you can get just as decent a PDF from there as from Scrivener, so it’d just be a waste to deal with the import, split, etc. none of which is going to affect the formatting.

Now, if you were talking about a semi-complete manuscript, an early draft, that sort of thing, importing to Scrivener would make sense, since you’d be using Scrivener for its purpose: organising, writing, revising. The compile at that point would just be the final part of the process.