creating defaults in Scrivener template question!?

Is there a way to make a template for scrivener for which the default is…

  • 200% text size view. The default seems to be 100-%, but I would like to set up a template in which the default is 200% so I don’t have to change this every time. Is there a way to do this?

  • Also, how can I make it the default in view to be set up to Layout—> Split Vertically?

Again, I know how to manually do these two things, but would like to create a template for everyday use in which I didn’t have to change these settings every time by hand.

Thanks for any and all help!

In fact zoom settings are saved separately in your main preferences. This way you do not have to rebuild any of the templates you use just to change the text size. Check in the Editor preferences tab, in the upper-right hand section and you’ll find an option for setting the default text zoom. This will impact any new project you create, no matter which template you started from.

For splits though, that is something that would be saved into the template. Have you not found this to be the case? If you create a new blank project for instance, and split it vertically, you should be able to use the File/Save as Template... menu command, create a blank starter for yourself, and then create a test project using that to make sure it works.

You can also save custom layouts like this from the Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts... menu command. This is a useful way to apply common workflow settings to different projects on the fly.