creating duplicate text documents[ADDRESSED]

I am using the NanoWrimo tutorial. I’ve successfully duplicated the Chapter with 1 scene. However, if I right click on the “Scene” document and attempt to duplicate it, instead, it selects the word “scene”, as If I wanted to rename the document.

As a workaround, I am able to add additional scenes using the toolbar.

Yeah, that “scene” document is, if I remember right, just a vanilla file. No real sense in duplicating it as you can just make new ones. I don’t think that the folder is anything special either—just a folder called “Chapter”. :slight_smile: The one file that has anything special attached to it is the daily targets file. That one has a NaNo-friendly word goal set up—which you can do for your other documents by clicking the little target icon in the footer bar. It’s all pretty flexible; feel free to make your own structure and break out of the sample.