Creating figures

Dear all,

I am using Scrivener to write my thesis. I am doing well with the table-function but now I also need to create basic figures.
I could not find a function how to do that, neither in the toolbar nor in the user manual.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with creating figures in Scrivener?

Thanks a lot!

Scrivener is for writing text, not for making figures.

Yup, you’re looking for software with the keywords “design”, “illustration”, “vector” (probably, but optional). Adobe Illustrator is a standard in the design industry, but super expensive (subscriptionware at that) and complicated. Affinity Designer (Mac/PC) is more than enough tool for 99% I’d say, and it’s as cheap as Scrivener. Beyond that there are a bounty of cheap or free tools that can help you out here. Inkscape, Gravit and even Gimp (though that’s a raster image editor, such a tool is very useful to have in your stable as well).

Personally I would also say your tables should be designed elsewhere. Get the data into cells with Scrivener, it’s good for that, but you’re going to get nicer looking tables, much more easily, once you’re out of a writing program and polishing off the document in a publishing tool.

And speaking of which, illustration programs can help with tables as well, especially if you use vector PDF as they will scale with the text and remain sharp.

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Two inexpensive software packages I like for this is Affinity Designer by Serif software (around $50 US Dollars), it will provide extremely professional results. Also, for free, OpenOffice Draw is very good. A little more primitive compared to “Designer”, but if your needs are simple, it’s worth looking into.

Are you asking about creating the content of the figures in Scrivener (which is not a Scrivener thing to do as other responders have indicated) or are you asking about how to include such content as a figure in a Scrivener document?

Yes, I wanted to create a figure, not to insert one.
But thanks for your all your helpful hints, I think now I know how to proceed!