Creating first eBook

Hello and first off this is hands down a wonderful program from what I have worked with so far.

What I am working on is an eBook that requires images and of course text :smiley:

Just a couple questions on usage:

1- Is there a way to create a custom footer or header that will carry throughout each page?
2- What about watermarks? Can they be used per page?

Also, one other question - when I import say a PDF or other document into the research area… Does this copy the actual document somewhere to the harddrive or just create a file within my project containing the information of the PDF or document?

Again thanks for such a great product and your help!

That’s up the e-book device or software. There are no pages in an e-book, it is just one long stream of text internally (though often cut up by sections, so you can jump from one to another using a ToC feature). So anything like this would require a book-level setting, and I know of none that provide for this.

E-book publishing is significantly different than paper publishing in terms of final presentation. You have virtually no control over that, by design, due to the wide proliferation of device capabilities that can be used to read them. It needs to look good on an iPhone, Blackberry, dedicated device, or on your computer in software. Not to mention that nearly every reader can adjust the font size and many also let you adjust the typesetting in terms of margins and justification, too. Hard-coded formatting and page cuts work against this principle and actually produce a lower quality book than one that is left flexible.

I know of no e-book devices that support such a thing. Again there is no “per page” so any watermark would have to be something defined as a feature of the e-book, like you can tell some formats to not allow copy and paste, and I don’t know any formats with a watermark feature.

It copies the original file (of whatever type at all) into the project itself, so you are getting a new duplicate of the PDF, copied to a location on your drive within the .scriv bundle, which is ordinarily hidden from you, and thus out of the way.

Thank you so much for the extensive answer to my questions…
It looks like the area if any I want to pay particular attention to is the Table of Contents.

Thanks again for your quick and exhaustive response!!